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Emily 2023 春實習 (事業發展暨行銷部門)

Even though I have only stayed at NTUTEC briefly, the experiences and the new knowledge I gained were significant and would last forever.

What I have learned throughout my time at NTUTEC

Due to my lack of work experience and limited Chinese skills, I was mainly assigned to do tasks revolving around researching all sorts of information.


Before I came to NTUTEC, I was completely unfamiliar with concepts such as business accelerators, M&A, VC, CVC, etc. But through my research and clear explanations from my coworkers, I gained a deeper understanding of what these terms mean and how they can play an important role in business. It was truly incredible and inspiring to see the value of startup accelerators and how they can combine businesses with startups to create something innovative and novel. It opened my eyes and the way I view the business world. 


Aside from all the technical terms, I also learned to present my research better during meetings and to always understand the whys and the hows behind my findings. Throughout one of the meetings, I was jumping back and forth in my presentation, leaving my coworkers confused and lost. I then learned that there is supposed to be a clear flow for the presentation, realizing that I needed to pay more attention to the importance of an organized and easy-to-follow presentation.  


Moreover, I was constantly asked why and how. For example, one time, I was asked why the two pieces of information given were different and how they were different. I was stumped and unable to answer. This moment really stood out since it did not occur to me that the difference had mattered so much. I thought that since the website had the information written as so, I could just transfer what I saw into my presentation. However, that was definitely not the case. I was told that in the professional business field, I should clearly understand the content I research, be able to distinguish the differences, and acknowledge how the differences can impact decisions. I should be the one who understands the content I am presenting more than anyone else on the team, and it is my responsibility to recognize the whys and the hows of the data I submit. After that meeting, I put in extra effort and revised my work into an organized powerpoint. I ensured I understood the whys and the hows, and researched further whenever something seemed confusing or vague. My final presentation was a success, and I was honestly proud of myself. I found my supervisor’s and coworkers’ advice practical and informative. 


Finally, I recognized the significance of communication. Without clear communication and check-ins, misunderstandings can easily develop. An instance of this is when I researched business accelerators without double-checking the direction I was heading with. I wasted an hour and a half finding articles on the wrong topic, which I could have avoided if I had just confirmed with my coworkers if I was doing the right thing. 


I want to thank the CEO, my supervisor, my coworkers, and everyone else who helped me throughout my time at NTUTEC. The guidance, support, and teachings you offered me were immensely impactful and helpful.


I want to thank the CEO for giving me the opportunity to listen along with the classes you have taught. I had so many takeaways from each one of them, especially learning about customers’ jobs and pains. All topics were highly engaging, and I discovered a different perspective when looking into becoming more innovative and gaining a competitive advantage in the busy industry. In addition, through our conversations, I truly understood how planning early and carefully can significantly impact my future. Each step that I take right now and throughout university can profoundly affect what I do and where I am in the future. I also realized passion and capability are essential to finding a satisfactory job. I learned that I should give everything a go to discover what my passion is and how to pursue it.


I also want to thank my supervisor and coworkers for being incredibly encouraging and understanding. Despite my limited abilities, they never looked down on me and would patiently explain things I found confusing. They made NTUTEC such a comfortable and enjoyable environment to not only work in but also be in. Not to mention, the feedback that I gained from them was always constructive and specific, allowing me to improve myself each time. I really enjoy working with them and am so glad that they were my first-ever coworkers. 


To conclude, I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to work at NTUTEC. I will always remember the takeaways and lessons I have learned throughout my time there. I will continue to carry these valuable experiences with me in my journey of exploring my passion and potential career. 






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